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August Bank Holiday mini-tour

Friday, 28th August 2015

Well, the weather forecast for the weekend wasn’t too bad , so DH and I set off and cycled our usual route to the camping and Caravanning club site at Boroughbridge. It was lovely and sunny and was so nice to see the fields being harvested. Make hay while the sun shines , is so appropriate this August, as apparently it is the wettest on record. As per usual, we were also into a headwind but I still made good time ( for me) and I found that pulling my Radical Designs trailer with my Koga  Randonneur , was as good as with the Dahon Speed TR.

DS1  took a train to Northallerton and joined us later  in the day.  The site managers remembered us from previous visits and  gave us a nice pitch near the riverside.  DS1 arriving later was about 30feet away.IMG_1790 IMG_1785

He camped in his tarp and added the front piece from the  first tent I ever sewed back about 25 years ago. He took off the piece and uses it to add space  to sit under while he cooks. DH started to feel chilly so he thought he would warm up under the quilt. Guess what? He was asleep in seconds.



He hadn’t even taken off his spectacles and was snoring away so I had to snap this of him. You can see the mesh inner tent and the home made quilt too.

Saturday, 29th August 2015

The wind blew all night so the tents were bone dry in the morning , so we had a lovely easy dry pack up and set off along quiet country lanes through Aldborough with its small Roman remains museum, to Lower Dunsford and Great Ouseburn before crossing the toll bridge at Aldwark. DH stopped and the tollman said there was no charge, but we knew that having used the bridge quite a few times this year. We called at friends in Linton and were surprised they weren’t away canoeing but it was lovely to see them. Then it was on to Newton on Ouse and through the grounds of Benningborough Hall.IMG_1792

It was quiet but no doubt would   be much busier later in the day. There were a lot of black cattle in the fields. Then we had to follow a diversion and ended up having to cycle a couple of miles on the A19,which on a Saturday of a holiday weekend , was not nice.  I was glad when we got into Shipton and were able to get back onto the cycle route.


Then it was on through York and down the track to Riccall. DH finally got his birthday treat, a chocolate covered ice cream lolly!! but a look alike of a famous brand at a third of the price at 60p.

We had a lovely welcome from Peggy and Rod at South Newlands Farm and enjoyed sitting in the sunshine well into the evening. There was a beautiful sunset.


Sunday, 30th August 2015

The day dawned fine and sunny but the tents were wet with condensation as there was no wind. We packed up and left out bags at the farm while we cycled into Selby and enjoyed a church service there before heading back up the track and picking up our gear.

Then it was back up through York, but we were headed for Sherriff Hutton which is North east of the city and not on a cycle route, so cycling in the traffic was a bit fraught for a while. However, we made it out of the city in one piece and then the sky clouded over and we felt the odd drop of rain. Luckily, it held off and we pitched the tents and the run reappeared.  I spotted a coral coloured bell tent and went over to talk to the owners and have a look.


Isn’t that just lovely? Much too heavy for cycle camping but I have a hankering to try making one. Yes , I could always buy one, but where is the fun in that.

During the evening, we saw a paraglider with a small motor and a couple of hot air balloons.


Monday, 31st August 2015

About 1 am , we heard a pitter patter on the tent and very soon it became a splish splash and continued steadily for the rest of the night. Oh well, 3 out of 4 days isn’t so bad, so it didn’t matter too much  that it was a wet pack.

We set off about 8am and headed over to Easingwold, via Stillington and had a brief stop. We could have taken a slightly shorter but hillier route, but I vetoed that. So from Easingwold it was off through Raskelf, Brafferton, Cundall and Asenby. DS1 said he was enduring the ride , not enjoying it and he said he would be hopping a train in Northallerton, if the rain didn’t stop. On along through Topcliffe , and although it looked brighter in the west, the wind was freshening from the north and it continued to rain. DH asked if I wanted to get a train. NO WAY! I had started so I would finish the ride. I am a WOMAN not a wimp hehe!

So DH and I continued on , instructing DS1 to put the kettle on for hot chocolate and cake when we got home. We got home about 3pm having completed 164 miles.








  1. I soooooo want to do this…… even more so after chatting to a lovely older lady cyclist in a local cafe this morning. I think the more I cycle the more I love it! What sort of gear do you wear in the rain?

    • I wear a pair of berghaus light gortex overtrousers and a paramo (spelling?) smock type top, Sometimes I have a home made helmet cover too but if it is warm it gets too hot. I keep my hair short so I don’t worry about it getting wet and having to dry it.
      Just have a go on an overnight trip. Look up Tom Allens blog. I think it is called Toms Bike trip. he is inspirational and shows how you don’t have to have the best of everything but make do with what you have.

  2. Hi Brenda, you’ve had some lovely trips this year. I love the sneaky photo of DH with his glasses still on whilst asleep. I hankered after a teepee too but remember when you open the zip the water drips straight down onto you. I love the cycle path from York to Selby, and a friend of mine used to know the lady who ran the cafe/hostel at the old Station. If you’ve ever been to the York Rally you might know that the ladies of the church (and gents) opened the church hall up on the Saturday of the Rally and served tea cakes and sandwiches. I missed it this year as I fell and hurt my arm and it was too bad for me to cycle.

    Not done much at all this year since husband heart attack and Mum not being very well either, between the two of them!

  3. yes but I see you got away to the Isle of Man. That is somewhere I have never been but it looks lovely and one of my patients goes nearly every year and loves it. Despite poor weather we have enjoyed the year. DH was very surprised when he read my blog and saw himself on there as he didn’t know I had snapped him – testing the bed. haha. I am still hoping for another short trip away but will see how the weather goes. My new trailer is superb.

  4. Oh I’m pleased you like your trailer! I think it’s fab! Love the sound of the trip. You must be as fit as a fiddle! :).
    Your quilt in your previous post is lovely! Well done on the actual quilting. It does take skill to do it as you know, so every practise helps! Big hugs x

  5. thanks Retro. My DH is really pleased to see how it pulls behind the bicycle . I hardly know it is there. DH thought I would be slower but I am definitely not. Fit as a fiddle? well for cycling I do OK but don’t know if I had to go running- forget it.

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