Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 22, 2015

New Quilt and Bramble Picking.

I have continued to declutter my sewing room this week and was able to get a quilt finished that I started some months ago. Its the time of year to collect brambles aka blackberries, and as we knew they are ready , we rode over to a good spot and collected 3 tubs before coming back through Stockton.

I don’t think I have seen so many swans on the river.IMG_1778

They certainly are not disturbed by passing boats, powered or human paddled.

IMG_1778 IMG_1777

now here are some photos of the quilt which I used to practice some new free machining quilting techniques.

IMG_1783 IMG_1784 IMG_1782 IMG_1780

Hope you like the colours. I do.



  1. I’ve just enlarged your quilt, that is amazing. It must have taken you many hours of sewing, it looks lovely.

    • Thanks Ilona. It wasn’t too difficult as it’s all squares and triangles. I enjoy the free machine quilting

  2. You are amazing,Brenda.You can turn your hand to anything!The quilts look lovely and the colours are so vibrant.Hope you have been able to get out on your bikes in spite of the weather.XX

  3. Hi Tina, great to hear from you. I have been blessed to be able to do things with my hands and I love it. Will be away cycle camping this weekend so look out for updates.

  4. Wonderful colours and you must be having fun.

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