Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 8, 2015

Sunny Saturday

8th August 2015

We really didn’t have any idea where to ride today but knew that we had to make the most of the sunny weather. Here in the north of England, we haven’t had a particularly good summer with a lot of wind , rain or cloudy skies most days.

So at about 8.30am we left home and headed over to the river, neither of us willing to be the leader for the ride. So it was along the river into Stockton and then following NCN14 we cycled along through Elton and  Long Newton and then along the main road to continue to the Whinnys conservation area. Once through here, we rode down to Middleton St George and I stopped to talk to an old colleague I haven’t seen in about 15 years. It was so nice to see him and have a brief catch up. The road then took us through Neasham,  Hurworth and into Croft. Again, a brief discussion and we continued on the Richmond Road for a short way before climbing up towards Cleasby. However, we turned and rode down the course of the old roman road and into Piercebridge.IMG_1734 IMG_1735 IMG_1736

We stopped in the ruins and had lunch sitting in the sun on a bench. It was so nice.

There is a lot of history in this area, and the old roman road is part of the ancient Dere street which was a supply line for Hadrian’s wall. We also called and had an ice cream in a local organic café  before crossing the A67 and climbing up though Denton and Houghton le Side.


These were places we had never heard of , although we have cycled through this area many times. However, in this little village we found we either had to turn further north towards Shildon, or head back towards Darlington. It was no contest for me, as I wasn’t chasing miles , unlike DH who would have gone further. So we enjoyed a nice descent , reward for the climb but there were good views from here.

IMG_1738 IMG_1740

We passed a road known only as Back Lane and on to Burtree Road , crossing the A1M on a bridge and then came to some cycle signs and followed these around Darlington until we came to North Road which DH recognised. I didn’t at first but soon realised where I was. So we followed our usual route back until we crossed the A66 and then followed the cycle track on the main road up towards Great Burdon and then under the road which was being cleaned out of accumulated rubbish that some builder   must have dumped.

Once in Sadberge, we followed the Norton road and came into Stockton cycling along the river . We could hear the steady beat of a drum and saw the Dragon boats racing up the river.


Todays tally was  53.5 miles.




  1. I would love to know what sort of bike you were riding, and what sort of handlebars and saddle you have – if is the one in the pic it looks like a step through touring sort of bike, which is vaguely what I have. I too am cycling in my sixth decade and am getting curiouser and curiouser about what bikes and gear other people have!

    • Hi Lizzie, Yesterday’s ride was on my Koga Randonneur which is a touring bike- ladies mixte type frame. its a molysteel frame so much heavier than my little Dahon Speed Tr. Both have there advantages and downsides though. it would be hard for me to choose between them though . Having said that most of my riding is done on the Koga. The Dahon is the one that will keep me riding when the Koga gets too heavy to handle. If you search previous posts you will find one about the Koga. BTW I am in my seventh decade but my maths is poor so I didn’t realise that being over 60 put me in the seventh hehe!

      • Thank you – I shall google your bikes! I hadn’t realized I actually am in my sixth decade (but not for long…) until I came across your blog!

      • scary isn’t it when you realise just how far along in life you have come. still I am really sure that keeping active as in cycling really does keep us going .

  2. You have such lovely places and scenery on your doorstep, well, within cycling distance at least. I think we all have to make the best of the good weather and not waste it, and get out.

  3. PS. I used to drive through Piecebridge a lot in a lorry. I got off the A1 early and took the long straight road to Weardale, cutting the corner at that point.

    • lovely to hear from you Ilona. We are lucky to live where we do, although the town isn’t too bad, country and seaside are both with in easy cycling distance .

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