Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 5, 2015

This is summer?


We set off from Bellingwolde just after 8.30am . There had been a light drizzle but it cleared so I packed away my wet weather gear- wrong – it started to rain in earnest so they had to be unpacked yet again.

We continued to follow the LF9a along a zig zagging route through Zandstroom , Bilijham and into Winschoten where we called into a supermarket that I had not expected to see – Aldi – as I had been told they weren’t in the Netherlands. From there we headed to Meedam and stopped after 20 miles having our 2nd breakfast at 12.00noon. At least we sat dry but it was still very cool for June.

From there , we cycled along to Froombach , having taken a 6 km  ” exploration detour”. However, we did see a local village fair and I was delighted to see a lady knitting and selling socks on her stall. I showed her my home knitted socks and despite a language barrier we were able to communicate abut socks of all things.

IMG_1567 IMG_1563

The fair was also supporting and raising money for the local ambulance/paramedic  service and it was nice to see they had a demo unit there too.


From Noodbroek, we crossed and recrossed bridges over a motorway until in Englebert we came across a campsite. At 4.00pm , we decided that would be it for the day and pitched the tent. The sun made a brief appearance so we cycled on unloaded cycles to Harkstede to buy a few more food items. I wanted some rice but it wasn’t available in a small quantity, so made do with ready prepared potatoes, to have with a tinned chicken tikka masala. During the evening we saw three hot air balloons pass overhead and apparently its very popular in this area as the air currents work well.


One looked like Betty Boop.

Next day was midsummers day and the dawn was grey and damp but fortunately by the time we were packing up, the weather had dried.  The youngsters in the tents next to us had only just gone to bed and as we started to get sorted it rained , so the tent was packed away wet. We had to wear waterproofs all morning but as it was cool, it wasn’t too uncomfortable.

When we got to Groenigen,   the route as is usual was difficult to follow but at least the sun showed its face. There was an amazing statue of a father helping his child to ride a bike. I loved it.


We were amazed by the bike parking at the railway station. Just how do you find your bike in this lot?IMG_1595

This is just one bike parking place , there were about 3 or 4 we passed. Incredible. How anyone retrieves their bike is beyond me.

We had some lovely off-road riding on great paths through woodland, heath and moorland with plenty of ups and downs. Who says the Netherlands is flat?



For the most part the LF9a was easy to follow and we came across Holland’s equivalent to Stonehenge.IMG_1608

We finished the day at a campsite near Havelde and treated ourselves to Pizza and ice cream in a small restaurant in the village.




  1. That’s another place I’ve been to, Groenigen, on the back of a motorbike. It was a long time ago and I can’t remember anything about it except we drove on a long long road with sea on both sides.

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