Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 3, 2015

Parting of the way

Thursday 19th June started out as bright after the rain abated overnight. However, by the time we had got packed up, the sky had deteriorated to a dull grey with a brisk breeze picking up.

We rode with Carole along the track we failed to find yesterday into Varel Harbour and said our goodbyes. We had only been together overnight but it felt a bit like the breaking of the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings. At least she had the wind on her back , while we turned and rode along the canal into the town.  On the way, I spotted a bakers shop and so we stopped and bought some bread buns and ate one each with jam immediately.

From Varel , we rode on into Oberstrone but it took 2 tries as the signage was poor and we  ended up going in a circle. However, when we did find the route , it was very pleasant riding through a forest on the edge of town.

We did some main road riding as well as cycle tracks heading first to Backhorn and along to Neuenberg before heading NW to Friedenburg. We stopped for a break in Marx and karol from Holland spotted out bikes near the shelter and stopped for a word. He was heading to meet up with his wife who had driven up to see him.

He had ridden the Ems Jade kanal some years ago and said some of the surfaces were not too good. Still, he was going to try it again and so as that was our route too. We came onto the track at Hesel and at first it was fairly reasonable. Then the rain started and came on quite heavily and then the track deteriorated into a mud track so we came off to find another way. It took us a bit of time to find our way into Aurick , a nice little town. A lady stopped to ask if we needed any help and she turned out to be English. As a 17 year old, a lot of years ago, she had left home and headed to Germany  and been there ever since.

She directed us to Tourist Information who told us of a campsite at Grosses Meer about 10 Kms away. We had to negotiate new road building works  which were actually cordoned off to accommodate cyclists.

We were glad to arrive and pleased that we were at least reasonably dry – for a while. The reception closed very soon after we arrived and the evening was cold and wet , feeling more like October not June.IMG_1540



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