Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 3, 2015

Back into the Netherlands

A cold , wet early morning really wasn’t an encouraging start to the day but it cleared a little as we packed up. We were hoping for a dryish pack but it wasn’t to be as the heavens opened and dropped large splashing diamonds soaking the tent once again.  Oh well, nothing for it but to don the wet weather gear and get on with it.

As we prepared to leave the reception staff turned up and started chatting to us.  My German language skills have improved quite well and as I was talking to one of the older chaps , he was pleased to tell me he had been to Blackpool, competing in Its a Knockout back in the late 1980’s. He said he had a great 5 days thanks to the BBC.

They were really helpful and gave us local maps to help us get to Petkum to get the ferry to Ditzum.  The winds continued to be fierce into out faces and there were frequent heavy showers but not as long lasting as the previous day.

Again , we followed the Ems Jade Kanal but did loose the way and ended up in Emden  adding a few miles to the day. However, by now , it was at least sunny and we crossed a bridge on the track again. However, a chap stopped us and told us we wouldn’t get through as there was a large motorway building project going on. He directed us to the coast road which had a track along it so we got along well. The ferry cost 3E each to cross.

IMG_1546 IMG_1549

We met some retired chaps who had cycled across , so that they could go to a fish restaurant. They were telling us that economically things were not good in north Germany and a lot of their industry had gone. Similar to us here in the North east of England. We stopped at the shelter and had lunch and by 1pm we had only cycled 16 miles. tut tut!!

Setting off again, we got a bit of shelter from the raised dyke wall but in exposed sections , it was really a slog. Eventually, we found ourselves in the Netherlands, missing any sign of a border. As the wind was now almost howling from the North, we decided not to follow the LF1, the north sea route but to go more inland and  towards the middle of the country on the LF9.

Fortunately, as the route twists and turns , we weren’t into a headwind all the time and got some respite at times. It was tiring though so we rode into Bellingwolde at 3.30pm  and saw a campsite sign. We called in and were able to get a trekker hut for 22E in a quirky little site that we were the only ones on.

In a barn , there were good facilities and I took the opportunity to do a running repair to oou extension as a loop had become detaching in the high winds. Its great when you have the skills , knowledge and equipment to be self sufficient and make your own repairs while touring.


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