Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 1, 2015

Down the Weser River (part 3)

IMG_1482 IMG_1484

We left the site at about 7.30am on 14th June 2015  and although not cold , the sky was grey and overcast and we passed Bad Oyenhausen and on into Minden. It was only here that we began to see litter on the tracks which had become much less well cared for.

The hills were soon behind us and we were then crossing the North German Plain with a fairly strong headwind and the track meandered away from the river which made for confusion as the signage was also poor compared to the upper Weser.

Naturally, Minden was shut at 8.30am but I would have expected the bus station toilets to be open. No , well and truly shut. The signage just on the outskirts on Minden was a nightmare. We were following the route to Petershagen but it took us almost an hour to find the route over 2 huge aqueducts.  The short section both before and after the aqueduct was really bad and needed to be walked for safety.

Continuing from there, we continued down river on through Petershagen and onto Stolzenau for a picnic lunch. However, it was quite chilly so we weren’t hanging about and were soon off through Neinburg and off to another watersports campsite at Drakenburg. The showers here were really good.


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