Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 30, 2015

Down the River Weser (part 2)


Holzminden in the early morning was peaceful with a beautiful sky but the forecast wasn’t for fair weather so we got packed up and put on waterproofs but it didn’t really amount to much at that stage.

By 8.30am , we had covered nearly 20 miles and stopped in Bodenwerder the home of the infamous storyteller Baron Von Munchausen.

IMG_1471 IMG_1472

We stopped for 2nd breakfast  but it was too early for the museum though.

We carried on and as the morning progressed , the weather improved and the waterproofs came off and we went into Hameln of Pied Piper fame. There was a guy dressed up and doing a guided tour but I was distracted by a sign about a womens breakfast- free!! Well what is a girl to do? I went off to investigate and there was a multifaith/cultural event to support a local refuge for women who experience violence in the home.

IMG_1475 IMG_1474

As we left Hameln, the cloud came over and it was a bit cooler but still warm enough to ride bare armed. We carried on to Rinteln and had something else to eat at about 2.30pm but had also had cake at the womens meeting. We decided to stock up on supplies and a man on his bicycle took us to the supermarket area which had a number of different stores. We used Lidl as the closest.

We carried on to Eisbergen and then Molenbeck and got caught up in a triathlon meet, We were jokingly asked where our numbers were. We ended up in Holtrup and managed to get a pitch at the local watersports club, after being told it wasn’t a campsite. it had been a long da so I was just thankful for a pitch but their facilities were very good.


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