Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 11, 2015

Across Germany

  After leaving the area of the Ems river, the land started to become a little hillier but the cycle ways were still very good.Mostly it was down into the Paderborn area and British Military still has a presence here. Actually we heard machine gun fire and saw helicopters flying in formation.

  1. The climb out of Paderborn came as a bit of a shock to the system after so much flat riding but I was pleased to manage it. Then we lost the way  for a while and cycled on a road which was well marked and didn’t have too much traffic. That was into Dahl and then to Schwaney mostly on well marked tracks and into a small hill age if Neuenheerse. We were hoping to keep to local cycle routes  but kept missing signs. It isn’t so well marked here . We found our way down a main route. Still feeling safe as drivers are very careful and spotted a Lidl at Rimsbeck. We called in there fir supplies and asked about camping. Need to change my German accent down here and ask for Kempingplatz. So it was on to Warburg where we met a Dutch cycle tourer who told us were the site was. Very nice facilities but most expensive yet at 17euro.  

From Warburb, it was a tough day with lots of climbing but good descents as well to be fair. For someone younger , it would not be a problem.  We set out along a nice level path into Wormeln alongside the river Diemel. We stopped to buy nail clippers at a pharmacy and she gave us free sugary sweets too – impressed we had cycled from England. Then it was down to Volkmarsen, eheingen and a long drag up but a mile ride freewheel into Nothfelden. At this point I have to say we had already made the climb but into a wood going nowhere  so it was done twice on different roads. 

  1. Then it was across to Wenigenhasungen , all little places off the tourist routes  at Habichtswald, we list the way a bit and I got a bit stroppy – a hot day and too little water – so we decided to ride the main road into Kassel . Good descision as a lot was on off road tracks until the last long descen into this 1950’s city . There were lots of roadworks going on but we were allowed through and a couple of kind men helped us negotiate the city .

The cycle track up to Fuldatal us being replaced so we road on a very quiet road until there. Another man advised camping in Hann Munden and so here  we are having a rest day before starting on the Weser radweg. 582 miles so far



  1. Goodness ! Sounds like you’re having a lovely time! You’re looking fantastic too dear lady :). Do you know why those locks were all on that fence at all?
    Enjoy your week. Big, big hugs xx

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