Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 8, 2015

Into Germany

Saturday 6th June

On Friday , we had difficulty finding a campsite and a very helpful chap took us to one outside of Lette near Coesfeld. Unfortunately, it was very rundown and wouldn’t take tents and after a bit of a run around we got a much nicer site in another nearby site. We had been told they didn’t take tents but decided to try anyway.

Next day. We took a wrong turn and ended up going the wrong way but we had bought a map and so were ableto negotiate a way to Munster. The cycle ways are great and it’s fairly obvious that Germany is taking cycling as a wAy of life, very seriously . Many many people both old and young ride e-bikes and they seem to be less expensive than in the UK. Supply and demand I suppose.

We wanted to buy more maps in Munster but the tourist information closed and it was now 1.20 pm.  Still we found a great bookshop with very helpful staff and I was able to get some guide books ( German only) and a good map . With this we picked up the Ems cycle way and were able to get to Sassenburg. 


This is a bridge in Telgte and there are hundreds of locks some inscribed and others just written on. 

In Warendrof another kind man helped us on our way to find a very nice site , Heidewald on the outskirts of Sassenburg.

After 8 days on the road, a rest day was called for. So that’s what we did and even had lunch out.  The weather was still lovely but not so hot as Thursday . We enjoyed the rest but it was followed by an early start today  , on the road by 6.15am.

  1. First of all we started off along woodland tracks and then along very quiet country roads with very little traffic in he direction of Beelen to start with and had our first stop in Marienfeld at about 9am having cycled about 20 miles. From there to Guttersloh and then to Hovelhof where we turned north to go to the source of the river Ems.
  3. We are now camped up near Schloss Holte and will  continue south towards Kassel. Enjoying our trip 


  1. You are doing very well on your adventure. I’m enjoying your notes.

  2. You must be having a wonderful time on your travels,both of you.
    Hope the weather behaves itself and you are enjoying the ride!

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