Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 4, 2015

Cycling by numbers 

Today, it has been a bit like that , progressing from one  numbered point to another.

We stayed on a bit of a grotty site last night  near Velp and it hasn’t got a lot going for it. Relatively Expensive , noisy and poor facilities , however it was in the right place . So we set off about 8.30am after a chilly night. The sun wS shining but we didn’t feel the warmth surrounded by the forest. It was good to be on the road, if only for the the warmth. 

Today we followed the Issel for most of the morning  passing through Rheden and around a lake. 


We then found our way to Wehl by a circuitous route. We worked out the numbers to follow and wrote them down  but it was easy to miss the little green signs . So we made a number of “detours”. It has taken us through beautifully cultivated farm land and there are a lot if horses., cows, sheep and lamas of all things.

These green routes are very picturesce but not too direct , however, we are now camped just outsideLintelo near Aalten. It’s a mini camping site but such a contrast to last night. Great facilities and it has a spinner so was able to do a bit of hand washing and got it dried.  If you are in the area  ‘t Nieuw heegt is well worth a visit. 48 miles today  



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