Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 3, 2015

Up the Rhine without a paddle

For this summers adventure , we set off from home on Saturday 30 May 2015 and cycled down through York. We stopped at the Trust Hut and bought some home made goodies. 


So glad it is still there. Then we went on to Riccall and stayed with Mr and Mrs Swann at South Newlands camp site. Peggy was pleased to see us and remembered us from previous visits.

During the night, rain lashed down and the wind blew but we were determined to get on. We cycled into Selby and went to church before continuing along to Hull on the TransPennine Trail. While it wasn’t raining much, it was cold and blustery. This is nearly summer!!!!

Still we got to Hull and eventually found the terminal for ferries to Europe. What a nightmare that was. It has been moved so follow the trail out towards Hornsea.

We had a bit of a struggle getting our booking changed due to computer problems, so we weren’t charged the extra. Result.

Treated ourselves to dinner and breakfast- all you can eat buffet. Yum yum.

Monday wasn’t too bad in terms of getting along the cycle ways but as the day went on , the weather deteriorated and became very wet and cold due to the wind. We have been following tracks up the Rhine mainly andsurprisingly, it was windier near the river.

Tuesday, just got worse and it wS blowing a hoolie.     The phrase mad dogs and Englishmen came to mind only this wasn’t sun. However , we have found the campsites very good.

This morning Wednesday, dawned bright and we had  a late start leaving the campsite at 9.15am. We are continuing to follow the Rhine and came up through Arnhem and are now camped on the east side of the city. Why are cities so difficult to get through? So far we have completed 265 miles 




  1. Have a wonderful time,both of you.Hope you will pop in sometime with ypur photo album! Hope the weather will be kind to you and the tent stays dry.XX

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