Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 23, 2015

Sub24 for dawn chorus

Our friend CeeJay has a field and a small mixed wood that she bought a little while ago. She is due to go off and ride the North Sea Cycle Route very soon and we are off for our summer adventure about the same time, so we agreed to have an overnight camp together. This would last less than 24 hours , hence sub24 and at this time of year the dawn arrives about 4.00am so it would be two birds with one stone ( LOL).

I was working until 5.00pm and CeeJay had another appointment so we knew it would be about 9.00pm before she would arrive. It is only a short 10mls ride from home and by the time I had actually finished and got sorted , it was well after 6.00pm before we got away. We also needed to have a pop into Li+l for a few food items. Funnily, a chap came and asked if were Hells Angels!!! He was either drunk or had dementia but our Koga leather bound handbars must have sparked off the thought. We cycled across through Preston Park, up towards Yarm and then turned off for the field.

Last time we were there we couldn’t get through the gate and silly me didn’t stop to check it before we headed up through the little track CeeJay had told us about. Then it was through the wood , like explorers before spotting her tent. She had gone over earlier in the day to pitch it before going off again.

We were experimenting with some changes we had made from our last outing and it made pitching easier and quicker. DH had also mixed up some bread dough before leaving and he had a go at cooking it on the stove top.SUNP0087

You can see, just next to me, that he put a pan over the top of the bread to help it cook. The first one was a bit thick and was still doughy in the middle but very , very brown on the outside. he ate it anyway.

While this was going on,  DS1 had got a fire going and cooked venison burgers for him and salmon burgers for us which we had with risotto that I cooked mainly in the  retained heat of a pot cosy. Well worth making  one and so easy too.

We were eating when CeeJay arrived and we sat around the fire chatting well into the night about past experiences of cycling, kayaking and walking. It was also very evident that there is lots of light pollution from all the night lighting in Teesside so we could not see the stars even though the sky was fairly clear. However by midnight , we were in bed.

All too soon, we heard the first birds as daylight gradually light the sky. I wish I was able to identify the birds but I can’t however, that doesn’t stop the enjoyment to be gained from this delightful start to the day. It was a lovely morning as the sun rose above the Cleveland hills.IMAG0030


As we knew we were going home early in the day, we cooked sausages for breakfast in home made bread buns DH made and   brought for the purpose of sandwiches. Yummy.


All 3 tents on the field. Ours is much bigger and most people wouldn’t want to carry it but for us  the bit of extra weight is worth the comfort we enjoy. We don’t have to use the extension  but the tent is the one I made about 10 years ago and its still going strong.

All too soon , we were packed up and CeeJay showed us a way to avoid a nasty steep bank on the way back. Great. We called into Teesside park as CeeJay had us of a shop selling reduced price lightweight tent pegs. Some of ours have seen better days and so we called and bought some new. Then we were home by 10.30am and have spent the day making minor adjustments   to some of our gear. What a lovely destressing time and about 18 miles peddled.


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