Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 16, 2015

Golden days

It’s only a couple of weeks to our summer cycling adventure, so we wanted to get some training miles in but the forecast wasn’t a great one. Still, we left our home at 9.00am heading up  through Norton and up to the Castle Eden Walkway. The wind was blowing quite strongly from the north and we were into a headwind most of the way. We made a brief sweetie stop at the old station.IMAG0020

Its best to keep them in a plastic bag to stop them getting shaken all over the bottom of your handlebar bag .

The track is fairly bumpy but at least it was dry and not too much mud. We stopped at Hurworth Burn and a couple of  cyclists came back to talk to us as they wondered if we were on a trip. We each had a handlebar bag and a rear pannier but we had to say it was just a day trip.  However , DH did tell them of his birthday ride last Wednesday when he cycled to Selby and back – 146 miles in 15 hrs . For 64 years old he is my Superman. He did it on his steel  touring  bike as he doesn’t have a superlight carbon road racer.


This is me at the burn.

Off into the wind again, I was so impressed by the abundance of yellow flowers ranging from pale yellow cowslips to bright cheerful dandelions, gorse and kingcups.  So cheerful on a greyish day and the fields were also ablaze with flowering rape.

IMAG0024 IMAG0026

Riding up through Station Town and across the field track to turn onto the Hart  to Haswell line. It was lovely as this track descends towards the sea and we had  a following wind so we were speeding along. Pity it didn’t last when we got to the promenade and we were somehow met with a headwind again.IMAG0027

The view across the Cleveland bay was very clear  with 3 headlands being visible.

We cycled on to Seaton Carew and stopped in the bus shelters for lunch when DS1 phoned to say he was picking us up on View Ranger and would meet up with us at Saltholme. What a slog along the coast road and I was glad to turn into the bird reserve.

We stopped for an ice lolly ( overpriced) before heading for home, completing just shy of 40 miles. I did enjoy the day.



  1. Brenda, you are so hardy! I am a wimp. I love all your sea views, lucky you to have rides so close to the sea. I once took the car to Liverpool and went across the Mersey on the ferry, then cycled around the coast round to Hoylake, I had to be careful to watch the time so I wouldn’t miss the ferry back. That was in the days when I had a Bickerton, so a very squeaky ride!

  2. yes I ove the sea and have always lived fairly near. my childhood was spent overlooking the river Tyne and I spent all my spare time on the beaches as a volunteer lifeguard in my teens. I don’t think of myself as hardy but I suppose by other peoples standards I am.

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