Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 25, 2015

Marsh Road Muck Heap

rubbish in the bushes

rubbish in the bushes

As some of my readers know, I volunteer with others to help keep our cycle tracks clear of litter. Unfortunately, here in the Boro , NCN1 passes along through industrial areas and then past some taxi firms who act as though the road and surrounding land is for their exclusive use. They fix cars on the roadway and through things like old  radiators, headlights, bulbs and used gloves down. Along with plastic bags, cartons , bottles and tins that are carelessly discarded, this all makes for a very unsavoury aspect for cyclists who pass through the area on the way into town.

We volunteers met at 9.30am . We were a mixture of Sustrans and Middlesbrough Cycle Rangers and 4 young  LDS missionaries who were helping as part of their service here in Middlesbrough. I borrowed the cycle centre cart which is rather like a stop me and buy one ice cream cart. I have to say it was an experience to ride- fixed wheel and a parking brake – and it pulled constantly to the right despite us blowing up the very soft tyres. It was needed however, to transport the pick up sticks, bags etc.

So we set too , working with a will as we knew we had about 2 hours before the arranged pick up by the local council refuse department.

volunteers at work

volunteers at work

We concentrated on the start of the road coming from town , as our last volunteer session had made a big difference at the far end.  However, we did go down there , as litter had started to collect again there. Interestingly, talking to one or two people, it seems that some of the other businesses along there are tired of the mess and in the very recent past the sewerage system had to be cleared out as it was blocked up by plastic gloves. I picked up approximately 3 dozen of them in various colours. It is the sort of thing we carry to protect our hands from oil when working on cleaning our cycles, so obviously they are being used in the same way.


We worked away steadily filling the bags and by the end had about 30 bags plus an old car radiator, various car mats and some pieces of sheet plastic. It was a good mornings work and I would like to thank all the volunteers who gave up a Saturday morning.WP_20150425_11_27_49_Pro

rubbish cleared from the bushes

rubbish cleared from the bushes

Yesterday, DH also cleared an area at the far end of Marsh Road which we call the curly whirly bridge. There was some litter but mostly it is leaves and other natural debris. He left the bag for pick up today and  when Freddie rode past on his way to the work area , he wondered who would leave a bag of rubbish there. All was revealed, when DH went to collect it ready for the pick up. We used every bag that we had been supplied with.CAM00152

Clean and tidy once more.

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