Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 7, 2015

A tough ride

We had been watching the weather forecast all week and knew that the wind would be the  main problem today. That knowledge helped us decide on the direction to start off on. The wind was to come from the SW , so we decided to head off for Northallerton. We cycled into a head wind for almost the entire way and  I have to say that DH really did help. I wished that he had a tractor beam( StarTrek wise) but he doesn’t but where possible on quiet sections , he put his hand onto my back and helped me along. He really is my helpmate. We had set off at about 8.30 am and it took us 2 and a half hours to get to the town centre in Northallerton having cycled through Thornaby, Preston Park, Yarm, Deighton and Brompton and covered about 23 miles. I was soaked in sweat but was determined to make it. I went into a local shop that sells haberdashery and bought some binding for a dress I want to make. I also bought some bananas from the street market and devoured 2. DH only had one. Bananas do not travel well in a pannier bag. IMAG0050 This is the old town hall and DH’s handle bar bag. We couldn’t sit around long as although the temperature was quite mild , the wind chill soon set in. So  after a trip to the local supermarket to use the facilities, it was great to set off on the return with the wind on our backs. What a difference in speed. We returned through Brompton and Deighton , where we took a right turn and cycled along through Welbury and East Rounton before crossing the A19 on the bridge they built a few years ago.  From there we sped along into Hutton Rudby and the village green was remarkably sheltered so we stopped there and made toasted cheese sandwiches on the tiny stove we carry, using up the last of the gas in an old canister. There was a Fish and Chip van  selling its wares and it must be good because people were queuing to get them. We noticed people were waiting in cars so it must be a regular feature on a Saturday afternoon, IMAG0053 IMAG0054 IMAG0055 Ignore these dates, I used an old camera and it seems to have the date  reverted to years ago. So feeling fed, we set off again down the hill and then up the other side. Well I made it half way up , the surface is bad and with the traffic  coming up behind   , I felt a bit unsafe so dismounted and walked the last bit. Out of the village. we climbed again and then had a lovely run down through Skutterskelf, Tame Bridge and on into Stokesley , having another brief stop. This run down enabled me to get up into top gear and it did feel good. We continued on climbing up and then running down to Tanton . This road was busy at this time of day, now being after 2.30pm but car drivers were pretty good , on the whole giving us room as they passed. We wanted to get 50 miles in , so cycled down and then went through Coulby Newham, down cycle route 65 and along the fairly new Linear Park that I have written about previously. We did get our chosen mileage in coming in at 50.7 miles. I was so glad to get into the shower when I got home.  What  a great  but tough day. I feel so blessed  to still have the ability to complete a trip on a day like today.



  1. That was a great ride, you did well to do that distance. My sister goes to Stokesley quite a lot, with the caravan, they love it there. I have been a few times, it’s a nice town.

    • thanks Ilona. just about to go to bed. so tired after the effort into that wind.

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