Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 31, 2015

short ride.

We had hoped for a decent ride today after heavy rain over night. We thought it would wash away the remains of the snow which has lingered on the cycle paths. No such luck.

We attempted to go out about 10.00am but then it rained heavily. A neighbour came and offered me some fabric she had bought but wouldn’t now use so that took up another hour or so. By this time it had faired up, a bit , so as we had our cycling attire on we set off up the good cycle track on NCN 65. There was slush and ice in unpredictable patches so we had to take great care. Once at Ladgate Lane, we turned left and rode along to Easterside estate and came down on the road. The Linear park has a place for a stream and its usually almost empty. Not today.IMG_1268

The rain and snow melt had water rushing through . Indeed DH remarked we could have gone kayaking on it today. We just home from here having only completed 6 miles. The windchill was also a factor in a swift return. So looking forward to spring.



  1. Happy New Year, Brenda and you are doing so well getting out and about all the time. I’ve hardly touched the bike. I think it is because my other half doesn’t cycle, nor is at all interested in it. I’m also probably a wimp and hate cycling in the rain! Probably because I was made to when I was young.

    Had I ever found anyone when I was younger in the cycling club no doubt I would be doing the same as you now. I did have boy friends in the club but we went our separate ways and my favourite seemed to want to go off on holidays with his friends and see me once a week, so I packed him in.

    However. Your toastie sandwiches sound fabulous, to be eaten in the cold, very warming, I can eat them any time.

    If you’re ever on the Transpennine Trail site, there’s a video we filmed at the end of last year from Warrington to Widnes, Merseyside which would be interesting as I think you said you’d done that one. I can let you have the link if you can’t find it.

    • hi Anne Marie, lovely to hear from you. I’ve been laid up a couple of days with a very heavy head cold so no cycling this weekend.
      the summer will see us off to Holland and Germany.
      Did you know that there is a cycle touring festival at Clitheroe 1-3May . we have got early bird tickets. you can get day tickets too so it might be possible to meet up.

  2. Sorry, Brenda, I’ve only just seen this. I do know about the festival at Clitheroe, my friend Michelle told me about it. I’m not sure yet as this year has been horrific up to now. Husband has not been at all well, has been short of breath and irregular heartbeat. Went to docs and he got an immediate appointment at an Assessment ward where he was taken in. Apparently two parts of heart not working together. They can’t do a stent, as it’s in wrong place. So on Warfarin and Beta Blockers. He was in 10 days, trying to get blood coagulant levels right. So I’m not committing to anything at the moment, not even booked for York Rally (you do know it’s been resurrected? If not I have details).

    It would be great to meet up with you. I think my friend Michelle and her husband Derek Carpenter (Bo The Clown) are going, unsure if he’s performing there or not.

    • sounds like its been awful for you both. sorry to hear this. we will be away cycling in Holland and Germany when the York show will be on , so wont be able to go there this year.
      I was at a CTC meeting last night as they had a speaker on cycling to Arhnem. really think the cost of joining the CTC is way too high. no wonder no young ones are joining.

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