Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 3, 2015

A hike and then bike day

Well the 1st and 2nd of January did not see us out on the roads, partly due to high winds but also DH was continuing on home improvements. Today, there was a hike scheduled up to Captain Cooks monument near Gribdale. The meeting time was 10.00am and we thought we might cycle up but it was still dark at 8.00am with a dense cloud cover, so we chickened out of cycling.  We went up there by car and met with friends from our extended church group.

The walk up to the monument is relatively easy but was muddy so I walked in wellington boots.IMG_1245

Captain James Cook was born in a suburb of the Boro and went to school in the village of Great Ayton before becoming apprenticed and then becoming a sailor. He is a local hero because of his exploration of our beautiful planet is nothing more than a wind powered sailing ship.

The views from the hill are stunning on a clear day. Today was a bit misty but even so I took a few photos.IMG_1243 IMG_1252 IMG_1247

This is Roseberry Topping another local hill.  Although the wind was blowing , it was remarkably temperate for the time of year. I have noticed a number of gorse bushes in flower, which is most unusual,

After having a prayer together we returned down the hill and where home by lunchtime.

Just about 2.00pm , the sun showed its face and by 2.30 pm it was shining brightly so I decided to have my first ride of 2015. I knew it wouldn’t be a long ride as the days are still so short. So DH left his tidying of his workshop and we went for a short ride passing through and around Albert Park.


The lake was iced over a few days ago but as the temperature has risen the ducks are swimming around instead of sliding on the ice. As you can see the sun was dropping and so was the temperature. We returned home and my odometer read 7 miles. Not far , but good to get out on the bike.


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