Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 1, 2015

2014 roundup

Well that’s another year gone by. We had a lovely time riding and cycle camping in Yorkshire and on our long summer tour to the four home countries. As Christmas approached , I realised that the odometer on my cycle computer was over 9,900 miles and that completing just under another 100 miles would result in a mileage of 10,000 miles in  2 and a bit years since I last changed the battery. So over the holidays , we got ourselves out cycling. Fortunately, the weather has been relatively mild and afforded a few trips out despite the really short days at this time of the year.  The first was on Boxing day, when it was a bit frosty , but we were careful and stuck mainly to roads that had been gritted and cycled across to Billingham and Stockton on Tees and back along the river to the Boro. That put another 20 miles on to the clock. The next day,  Saturday, we cycled up to Saltburn  in gentle  but cold sunshine.IMG_1236 We cycled back along into Redcar and stopped in one of the modern shelters that have replaced the old ones. It was cold so the stop for refreshments was brief and then it was back up through Cotham and Kirkleatham before returning home to the Boro.  That was another 32 miles clocked up. On Tuesday,  we got out for a ride along the river and again it was frosty so great care was taken. 15 miles. By Wednesday morning, I knew that I needed 5 more miles to reach the 10,000 miles mark. So I was determined to do it.  I suggested a ride over to the bird reserve at Saltholme and DS1 said he would accompany me. The café there is a pull for him!! So we rode down through the park and the town and as we didn’t leave until nearly 11.00am , the frost had lifted as the temperature rose and the wind increased. As we rode along the river, I kept a check on the odometer , as I wanted to photograph the 10,000. At 9999.9, a little voice said take your photo. I ignored it and woosh, it went to zero!!! I was gutted.IMG_1238 Still, that was it , I had done it. So onwards to Saltholme crossing Newport bridge and along through Haverton Hill . It was very pleasant sitting in the café and watching the birds on the lake, which had some ice on it. You can look across and see the Transporter bridge.IMG_1241 IMG_1239 We returned the same way as the wind increased and we had a push into the wind a lot of the way back. The total was 10,012 miles. I have changed the battery , so its a new year to ride. As soon as the new year storm passes.



  1. Congratulations on the mileage. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year. Keep up the Blog.

    • great to hear from you Jim. hope you are all well. Don’t know if we will make it up to Scotland this year but you never know where those wheels will take us,

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