Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 31, 2014

All Hallows Eve Ride.

Today , is All Hallows Eve , otherwise known as Halloween, and it was more like a late summers day  except for the daylight hours. The weather has been incredibly mild and as I had a day off and the forecast was favourable, I was determined to make the most of it.
So up at 6.00am , I did some sewing on a quilt I am working on. Later, it was off to the supermarket to get shopping for the week ahead. I popped a meatloaf in the slow cooker, to cook as I was out. This receive is courtesy of Frugal Queen so just google her blog , if you want to try it.
Then I cast a sprat to catch a mackerel. DS1 hasn’t been out in weeks , so I said I was off and was going to call to Roots cafe while I was out. He bit and so we set off, followed by DH as he had a couple of housekeeping things to attend to.

He caught us up over in Thornaby and we cycled up through Preston Park, which was being cordoned off for tonight’s Halloween commercial celebration. The traffic into Yarm was very busy which is a complete contrast to our usual early morning ride over here because by now it was after 11.00am.
The wind was blowing from the south so most of the way to Appleton Wiske was a slog into about a 15mph headwind. Once on the outskirts of the village,  we turned left and wound our way to East Rounton with some wind on our backs and then we were at Roots cafe.
It was very busy as it is school half term holiday but we were able to sit outside.


We enjoyed the cheese scones and also had a fruit one with jam too. The Fentimans dandelion and burdock drink was just how I remember it from my childhood. Delicious. There was an old sink planted up with some flowers and looked so pretty, especially the lovely colours of the ornamental cabbage.


After the lunch break, it was off again, crossing the bridge that safely crosses the increasingly busy A19 and blissfully , we were pushed along by the wind. Soon , into Hutton Rudby, we had a 17% climb fortunately not long , before a general descent to Stokesley.
The Cleveland Hills were visible but there was a lot of mist because of the hazy sky.


By 3.00pm, it was time to make sure our lights were on, as we were in traffic and light levels were were dimming. We came down to the outskirts of the Boro and picked up a cycle track to take us home. We met a chap slogging up into the wind but having problems with his brakes. DS1 was able to help by adjusting them for him.
We completed 35 miles today. Not a huge mileage but with a feeling of satisfaction.


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