Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 26, 2014

We are into the dark days of winter.

Where has this year gone. The clocks changed last night and I realised I hadn’t posted in a while so here is a little catch up.
In September, while DS2 was away with Autism Matters, a charity group to give autistic young adults social activities, we took the chance to get away.
We didn’t want to go to far and as the days were getting shorter, we used our car to take our cycles and camping gear to the Camping and Caravanning club site at Mablethorpe. This is a lovely quiet site, on the outskirts of the town but about 10 mins cycle to Li*l supermarket. The area around is flat so makes for easy cycling unless you want to go up into the Lincolnshire Wolds. DS1 and I used this site last year on our August Bank holiday tour.
So DH and I left home on Sunday afternoon after church and had a pleasant drive down in dry but overcast weather. We pitched the tent just as dusk fell so it was an early bed.

Monday dawned bright and dry and so we decided to cycle to Alford, a flat ride on a reasonably quiet road. Alford has a 5 sail windmill which I was keen to visit so here are some photos.




Its a restored working mill that grinds wheat and sells the flour.


here is DH looking after the cycles while I climbed the stairs.

Setting off again, we cycled out of the town but followed very minor roads across through Claythorpe and Withern and then down to Trusthorpe where we picnicked in the lovely little community garden that is looked after by volunteers. Then we cycled back to the campsite and enjoyed the time resting in the blazing hot sunshine.

In early September, I sewed an awning to go on either of the tents I’ve made and we still use. It was lovely to have the shade it offered but also the space to sit with table and chairs.



And in addition , it gave a space to sit before going to sleep


The temperature had plummeted so DH was glad to don’t his pertex pants and insulated pertex jacket, also home made.
He had forgotten his medication, so DS1 posted it for next day delivery so we knew Tuesday was going  to be an interrupted day , as we would have to await the postman.

Tuesday dawned with gentle rain falling on and off. So not to be put off, we ventured out through Mablethorpe and onto the promenade. A 7 mile cycle track follows the coast all the way to Anderby creek. The visibility was poor as the haar rolled in from the North Sea. The haar is thar very fine moisture that hangs in the air and soaks you. So reaching Anderby Creek, we left the prom and picked up the A52 back through Sutton on Sea and Trusthope and back to the site.
We waited for the postman who didn’t show up and found he had walked on to the site and as the manager wasn’t there had taken it away. So out into the rain again and up north of Mablethorpe this time.
By Wednesday morning, the rain was falling in torrents , so after a drive to Alford for his medication, we decided to make for home. We had only cycled 60 miles in the course of the 2 days but we enjoyed the break.
Since then, we’ve only been riding our river route and I’ve been stitching both clothing and quilts. Hopefully, now we are nearing  the very short, colder days, we will still get out and about.



  1. Looks good, Brenda. You’re a whizz with a needle and cotton.

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