Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 25, 2014

August Bank Holiday Cycle and Camp

The Magnificent Seven ride again. Middlesbrough to Sheriff Hutton

Let’s hope I don’t loose this post, as I did earlier.

Seven of us, who rode on the Easter trip, were able to meet up for  another cycle and ride meeting up on Friday 22nd August.


Yes I know there are only 6 in the photo but K took the photo. It was 7.15am and there was no one else about to do the honours. It was a cool morning with a northerly wind blowing but it was dry with a bit of sunshine as we headed over to Northallerton where we had our first stop after 22 miles.
Then it was along the A168 to Thirsk, making use of the facilities before heading along the A170 for about a mile before turning off for Bagby and Kilburn before having lunch, picnicking in Coxwold.

Then it was onward and upward to Newburgh Priory.

We got a great view of the White Horse above Kilburn
Then there was a nice run down to Oulston and onto Crayke. Then we took a very minor road down to Stillington and then along towards the camping and caravanning club site about a mile outside of Sheriff Hutton.

We met up with M’s husband who was erecting their tent having driven there with their daughter and then K’s wife arrived a short while later. A really good 53 miles.


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