Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 25, 2014

August Bank Holiday Cycle and Camp day 4.

The rain came after a sunny day and we heard it drumming on the tent through the night. The dawn zephyr started blowing and  the weather forecasts were all different, from heavy rain to it staying dry but cloudy. The Magnificent Seven became the Fan Four as K had to drive the caravan home and M and L decided to go home as a family.
We talked over the route and decided to go for a slightly longer but less hilly ride which suited me. I’m not brilliant on hills as my regular readers know but I have stamina.
So we headed back through Stillington, and on to Easingwold. From there we headed on to Raskelf,  Brafferton Helped by, Cundall and Asenby before the sharp bank into Topcliffe. Then we headed along the A167 to Northallerton where we stopped for lunch. I was pleased to note we had cycled 32 miles in 3 hours, which on a fully loaded touring cycle is great going for a “mature” woman.
Then it was on for home. I have to say that there was an event in Preston Park and Stockton Council didn’t put up a diversion to say the cycle route through the park was closed. Ggggrrrrrr. After negotiating the holidaying pedestrians complete with pushchairs , dogs etc, there was no way we were going to get access. So we had to go all the way back . Why couldn’t we have been redirected at the entrance. There were events people employed but no diversion sign which would have been a simple matter. Note to self – send in a letter to the council to suggest better diversion signage.
57 miles today. Feeling epic haha! Actually tired now.


  1. Are you okay Brenda? I miss your blog.

    • Hi Jim. Haven’t been blogging much as we haven’t done much of late. Was away in Mablethorpe but haven’t written it up.

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