Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 9, 2014

Windy old weather

We’ve had such lovely weather but with a dying hurricane in the Atlantic  ocean, today was sunny after bad rain overnight and very windy. We weren’t too sure where we would cycle to but I needed to go to the bank in town so we decided to go to the river and take the secateurs with us. We also wanted to check that some fly tipped furniture had been removed.
So at 9.30am we set off.
The first cutting back place was what we refer to as the curly whirly bridge in an industrial area. There were bramble runners encroaching through the railings, so in a short while, the 3 of us had it chopped back.



See all clear. We really need a brush but didn’t have one but DH made a reasonable job.
Then along to check on the fly tipping. All gone. We found a load of fruit on runners set well back so DH and I set about collecting them. DS1 had brought his tarp and an extension piece he’s been adapting from an old tent I made about 25 years ago. He put it up , well of the path , to check guy placements.  Unfortunately, a chap and his wife  coming along the track were a bit surprised to see anyone there. Lack of concentration made the man skid and come off. We were able to administer first aid as DS1 had his kit with him.


About 4.5 lbs of brambles were collected before we moved on under Newport Bridge. Unfortunately, we came across some more fly tipping which I will report in.
On along to the barrage and they majority of the cutting back occurred here. Many people commented on what we were doing, favourably. The wind was getting stronger, and as we cut down the dog rose briars, we got a wee bit scratched as the wind whipped it across us. However, we persevered and got it cleared.




Further on , nearer the Millennium bridge we cut back some more briars before lifting the bikes over the wall to get over the river. Then it was back on the north side of the river and home. Only 15 miles but feeling good.


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