Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 7, 2014

Over Gribdale Gate

Today was a great day to get out and ride. Work was arranged to be light and so at about 10.30am DH and I set off up through Margin, old Nunthorpe village, Great Ayton  and along through Little Ayton.
Its after this that the road starts to climb. Its gentle at first but then gets much steeper but there were some beautiful views across the fields to Roseberry Topping.


The parking at Gribdale Gate was fully utilised , as its the start of a fairly gentle walk up to Captain Cooks Monument. Captain James Cook was from this area, attending school in Great Ayton. We didn’t stay but carried on along the road that leads to Kildale. Not too many cars go that way as its not a good road,  winding up and down between farms.


You can see that the surface has deteriorated quite badly, making race paced riding not possible. At one point it was very steep and I got off to walk. DH proceeded to ride up it. A couple walking towards me, commented that I was doing it the sensible way.
When we got down in to Kildale , we saw the cafe that many cyclists use. It is closed on a Thursday so it was lucky we had brought lunch with us . We sat on the small green on its Millennium seat to eat.
Then it was back down the road to Easby and along the way to Stokesley , stopping briefly to discuss our return journey. We carried on along to Hutton Rudby turning for Hilton and down through Ingleby Barwick.
We then carried on along through Stockton on Tees and along our usual river route to home. 39 miles



  1. Looks like a lovely day out… You can’t beat the Northern hills when the weather is right.

    • Thanks CM , it was a lovely day out. Shame the weather isn’t so good this week. What about you?

      • I was cutting a huge hedge and mowing the lawn on Saturday. Sunday was hailstorms and tomorrow I’m off to Canada… Oh well, change is as good as a rest!

      • Well have a good time in Canada and get some cycling in if you can

      • Thanks….. It. Might have to be the hotel gym but I will try my best 🙂

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