Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 4, 2014

Almost a week of sunshine

The weather has been good for most of the week and time and inclination allowed me to get in 127 miles of cycling over the course of the week.
I was able to ride over to Darlington and purchase fabric and sew up not 1 but 2 dresses.
We also had the opportunity to go out on a ride helping to collect in diffusion tubes which monitor pollution. Here are some photos of that ride.


They are mostly sited high up to avoid vandalism so A was carrying along handled grabber to get them down.


We had 7 sites to visit and then rode over to Guisborough to hand them in at the collection point.


From there A led us to a secluded park for lunch. Its in the heart of the town but we didn’t know it was there. It always amazes me when these delightful little places are found in places you believe you know.
In the evening , I gave a talk to new Sustrans volunteers about cycling the North Sea cycling route in 2006.
We were out doing shorter rides and as the week progressed the weather started to get less hot until Saturday. Despite some rain, we went out along the river and collected 3lbs of brambles (blackberries).


Look at this bee on a teasle flower.


It wasn’t fazed by me and just worked away. Good to see it.
A lovely week.


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