Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 29, 2014

Enjoying a half day

The weather has been lovely and we had an early morning ride of 13 miles along the river. I worked this morning but got an early finish so as it was so nice, we decided to have a cycle picnic and a ride to my favourite fabric shop in Darlington.
I had baked carrot cake, made tuna sandwiches and we look water with lots of ice in a flask to make squash. We had  headed over to Middleton One Row and were hoping to sit near the river but the council workmen were cutting the grass on the bank. They were using a large mower that was  driven  like a remote controlled model car. I think  the workmen was enjoying it.
So we continued on along route14 and came to a small clearing and set up our table and chairs.


We didn’t realise that just over the gate , there’s a new forest planted in 2005. You just don’t know what’s on your own doorstep.
It was very warm but clouded over as we got underway again. We were soon outside the market place where DH waited, looking after the bikes. I, meanwhile was inside  choosing some fabric..
We rode the most direct route home, through the Whinneys nature reserve and had a brief stop in the village of Elton to top up on more fluids. Then along the river, we met a chap with a puncture and stopped to help him , as he was having a problem with his inner tube seemingly not fitting. DH helped and I supplied hand cleaner and a J cloth for him to clean his hands with.
When crossing Newport bridge, we heard the buzz of motorbikes down below us.


I missed the other one. Shame nothing seems to deter them. The afternoon ride was 35 miles so that’s a combined total  of 48 miles.

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