Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 21, 2014

Midsummer circuit

The day dawned warm and dry and I was determined to go and see the wildflower meadow that we worked on earlier this year. DS1 said he was off to Guisborough as he had been asked to help out at a small Red car and Cleveland family cycle ride.
So we decided that we would head off in that direction, going first to Great Ayton and then past  Roseberry Topping and on to Guisborough. DH and I went that way but DS went off on a track that there is some dispute over.


We got to the meeting place on the old railway line e just before10.00am so we were early, as is our wont. A soon arrived walking 2 cycles,one his and one a loan bike. Soon after a family of 5, mum , dad and 3 children aged 6-10 arrived on their bikes. Apart from Mum who was taking out the loaner, but first they children needed   helmets so had to go up to the van but were soon back.
Then we all set off along the old rail path towards Hutton village and then onto the Pinchinthorpe track and under the road and onto a track that goes 2 miles towards Nunthorpe village but stops short because of the disputed railway crossing.. After a brief stop , we turned and returned the same way. The children were delightful and did very well on the 8 miles trip.
We then cycled back into Guisborough, over towards Year by bank but turned off towards Eddington Woods. The views were terrific today , back across to Roseberry and out across bay, now filled with wind turbines.
Whizzing down the bank , we turned through New Marske and then on to Marske. As we passed the Leonard Cheshire home, we saw there was a family fun day and could hear the band playing. I thought our friend Pip would be playing but it was on to see the wild flowers.
After the disappointment of last years crop of dock leaves, it was a joy to see the blooming flowers.



A couple of ladies commented just how lovely it looks but the other part that we cleared and then were stopped from planting by the parish council, looks a mess. Hopefully, they will do something with it.
Then it was back to Marske and our friend was there.

We had an ice cream, talked with our friends and could then see clouds bubbling up , so headed off in case we got caught in a thunderstorm. A delightful midsummer round of 42 miles.


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