Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 16, 2014

Four countries tour – day 22

The last lap. We were off the Boroughbridge site by 8.30am and followed the route we did at Easter, through Norton Le Clay, Cundall, Asenby and Topcliffe before the A167 to Northallerton.
The usual brief stop for 2nd breakfast, all be it late and then off again through their back roads to Thornaby and home. Its amazing to me how many people only think of the A19 as the way to go. You get such finds too. Look at this

This colander was lying in the grass verge so I couldn’t pass it by. I think I will use it to grow some herbs in. My frugal friends will agree , I’m sure.
So after 912 miles we are home. The camping stuff is put away, the washer is on but the cycles are still to clean. Am I tired? Yes!!! But have had a great time, met some lovely people. Thanks to all those who helped us on the way, you’ve been great.



  1. Well done,both of you,on your epic journey.Glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. What a wonderful journey! Glad you both got back safe and sound.
    I’m quite envious and although I don’t want to wish my life away… roll on retirement! 🙂

    • Although well the wrong side of 60, we are self employed so still working but with no mortgage its easier to take a bit of time off. Fortunately after 43 years of marriage , we still enjoy doing things together, cycling being one of them.

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