Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 16, 2014

Four countries tour – day 21

Sunday 15th June 2014

We had a lie in this morning , not getting up until just after 7.00am. The morning was dry and fairly warm but overcast. We had a leisurely first breakfast and left the site on the loop just off the A19 and cycled into Ricall after crossing the main road. Its easier than at the other end due to a dropped kerb and pedestrian island in the middle.
Once through the village , we were on the old railway path up to York. There weren’t too many people about so it was a fast ride for the most part. I have to show you something that really brightened my day. A trust cafe.


People select what they want and pay what its worth to them!! I talked to the lady who was bringing out some freshly baked biscuity things and she said that the vast majority of people put in more than she would expect. You can also camp on the tiny garden but its minimal facilities. I think in this day and age, this is fantastic and well worth supporting.
Shortly after , we came to Naburn Bridge and someone’s has added a cycle to the top.


We were soon around the race course and into York itself where they minister bells were being peeled beautifully. We walked over Lendal bridge and onto the river frontage to continue on the route past Rawcliffe  and on up to Benningborough. The road around the outside of the hall grounds is in a poor state. We stopped in Newton on Ouse and had 2nd breakfast at lunchtime. Our friends at Linton on Ouse weren’t about so it was on to BoroughBridge and the campsite. 33 miles today.
Last day tomorrow. Who all be first in the luxury of a deep hot bath?


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