Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 15, 2014

Four countries tour- day 20

Saturday 14th June 2014

The day dawned grey with the threat of rain but we got packed and on the road by 7.30am. We had loomed at the map and knew that there was the possibility of steps on the trail so to avoid them , we rode down to Elsecar and Hoyland to pick up yjr path at the heritage centre. I knew we had gone through a carpark on a previous occasion, but we followed the official signed route – impassable  after lifting  the loaded bikes over the barrier!!!! Drat.
We were told no one uses the path and the carpark belongs to the factory who have erected the private sign , so there are no reprocussions on them if there is an accident.
Well , we started with that fine fretty mizzle that soon soaks you but we carried on along the Dearne valley, cursing all the barriers which become very tiring and time consuming  to negotiate. Part of the paths resembled quagmire and we got filthy getting through them. The rain continued  on and off until about 4.00pm when the sun shone warm.

In Owston Wood, the path appears to be an old road which has many large cracks. As I tried to pass over one, the slippy moist edge caused me to skid and I ended up on my back in a bramble patch. Luckily, DH was able to extract me without too much difficulty but we spent a while removing dozens of spines. The arm is sore and bruised as is my knee but no real damage. A Sustrans ranger saw/us/shortly after and photographed the damage as he has reported problems with that stretch previously.
The section up to Sykehouse  goes/along the canal and is nice  to  ride.
We were in Selby by 6.00pm and we went to get food for this evening  and tomorrow and then we pushed onto Riccall to a campsite we used 2 years ago.
58 miles today.


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