Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 12, 2014

Four countries tour- day 18

Thursday 12 June 2014

It’s been an extremely stressful day. Too start with , we cycled 6 miles in the wrong direction and had to turn around and do those 6 miles back. We were trying to follow the Cheshire cycle way but it was badly marked and dumped us on the A49.
So it was a case of trying to find the way by asking but that brings it’s own problems. Eventually , we got to Knutsford and decided to take the train to Stockport. In theory, it should have been fairly straight forward to find the TransPennine trail- but it wasn’t and we wasted about an hour and a half finding the trail.
We’ve ridden it before but it’s in a shockingly bad state and the restrictors were so numerous and narrow.
We realised we wouldn’t make our proposed campsite so we finally found a Premier Inn at Hattersley.
We cycled about 47 miles in scorching heat. Tomorrow’s another day so hopefully it will be better


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