Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 11, 2014

Four countries tour- day 17

Oh what a beautiful morning ( sing it!). The sun rose in a blue sky and after yesterdays torrential downpours it was a joy to  pack up in the dry wearing short sleeved jerseys and as soon as the  front gate was unlocked, we were on our way.
The officially signed route 5 , takes you up in the hills above Holy well before bringing you back down into Flint.
As DH didn’t want to irritate a sore knee, we decided to ride the main road which wasn’t too bad with some cycle paths or wide enough pavements, for some of the way. It was annoying that we passed Abakhan fabrics in Mosteyn and I couldn’t stop to even look as it was still early.


Once in Flint, we picked up the route again  and it took us near the castle and along to Connors Quay, where some cyclists stopped to chat. Then it was off along the coastal route and we stopped on the canalised river for 2nd breakfast.


There were some lovely bridges on this stretch.
In Chester, the sun had brought out thronging hoards of ho!iday makers and locals. We were trying to pick up a route we cycled about 10 years ago but roads have changed and become dual carriageways so it was a bit scary at times. Once we saw a sign to Delamere we turned off and went into a little village called Aston which has/a community shoo. Ice lollies were needed, as well as advice, so we had to patronise it, didn’t we? Helping local communities, that’s us. Anyway, the upshot was, we had a massive detour around the forest before finding the site near the railway station.
After pitching,we went into the Station Cafe at Delamere and had our meal in there. They stop serving hot food at 4.30pm but we were  early enough. We had hot beef and onion baguettes served with a superb salad , potatoe salad and coleslaw, followed up with cherry pie and ice cream.
We also got all our clothes washer and dried and helped a Dutch couple to  be a cycling route sorted. Approx 40 miles today. Due to IT errors we didn’t collect the data properly.


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