Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 11, 2014

Four countries tour day 16

Tuesday 10th June 2014

Its been a day with many heavy showers so it was a wet pack and we got on the road at about 8.00am and headed east on NCN route 8 on the South side of Anglesey through some pretty areas despite the rain. The wind was blowing quite hard too which made crossing the Menai bridge a bit difficult as it had a tendency to through you towards the road


This shows the tide pushing through the Menai straits and are known as the Swellies.
The route signage now  went  haywire  but we got onto an unmarked cycle route that took us into Bangor where we stopped for 2nd breakfast overlooking the harbour. Then off again with some climbs to Conwy,which we did some walking through ( route signage bad)  and then along to Colwyn Bay which has a long stretch of cycle track , some great, some good and bits that will shake your teeth out.


This is photo of the Great Orme as we cycled towards it. One of the history programmes I’ve seen said that this was one of the biggest prehistoric flint mines.

We saw miles and miles of caravans in parks but no where to pitch a tent. Apparently , none of them are licences to take tents, so its not the best place to cycle camp , in my opinion. From Rhyl we rode to Prestatyn, getting a couple of good soakings and as we were studying the map,a chap came out of his house and told us of a camp site not far away.
So after 54 miles we pitched the tent again in rain but about 10 mins later , we were sitting in the sunshine.
My cousin, who lives about 15 miles from here came to visit us with his wife later in the evening and would have taken us back for dinner but I had already cooked lamb steaks with stir fried veg and egg fried rice on my trusty optimus stove.


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