Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 8, 2014

Four countries tour day 13

Saturday  7th June 2014

Had a lovely lie in until 6.30 am and had a 7.30am breakfast. DH had the full Irish  but I had scrambled egg, tomatoes and mushrooms. It was raining quite heavily early on and we got packed and ready for a rainy start. Fortunately for us , it stopped soon after and while not sunny it was warm. We chose to use the most direct route following  the Nwhatever it was, 21, I think. This is the old Dublin road and our first port of all was Drogheda.  We stopped for axwarm lunch of self made cheese toasties using sweet chilli sauce with the cheese. Just what was needed.By this time it was raining again so we were jacketed up., but about 10 mins  later the sun came out. Now why couldn’t it have shined while having lunch? 
Much of the way had very wide, hard shoulders and we used these as cycle lanes so while it wasn’t the quietest of rides it was still safe through a rolling landscape. We wanted to make Dublin so that we can get to church there and get to the port on Monday, as that is when the Welsh leg of the trip will start.
However, as with most cities it wasn’t so easy getting to out friends due to the way roads are built for car and lorry travel.
We had got to Swords with no difficulty and then stopped to ask directions at a cycle shoo. The owner was very helpful and phoned P and we were directed to use the airport road.  There were lots of planes landing and taking off and many plane spotters. However, when we needed directions , there was no one about so I tried switching on a satnav on my phone. We followed it and it took us up onto the N2, now fast and furious. It was legal but not fun, especially when this road became 3. Two were motorways and the middle one was the only option.  Being extremely careful, we made the middle lane and spotting a cycle track got on to it. Never mind where it was going, we were on it. Well all I can say it was the most elaborate cycle bridge I have ever seen but where it came from and went I do not know.
It put us onto a little used road but fortunately, we could ask directions from a chap in a van. We followed these and did eventually make our destination having ridden about 6 or 7 “detour” miles.
It was so good to be made welcome by our friends and their families after another 60+ day.



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