Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 5, 2014

Four countries tour – day 12

Thursday 5th June 2014

It rained all through the night but we were snuggly warm and dry. If truth be told I was matted ( a good Yorkshire word meaning very hot).
As we knew today wasn’t going to be a long ride , we had a bit if a lie in  and the rain stopped and the sun came out , so we had a dry pack!
Then it was back onto the Comber track which has not long been resurfaced and is a great smooth ride. Once in Comber, we had to find route 99 going in the correct direction, so it was twice around a roundabout until we were sure.  The countryside is rolling so we were able to make descent time along to a little island with a causeway across too a great, well recommended coffeeshop/restaurant called Daft Eddy’s. We had hot chocolate, pancake with maple syrup and triple chocolate muffin for the sum of £11. The sun had been shining all the time but the wind picked up and clouds rolled in.
We had some longish , steepish climbs  and I had to walk a couple of times but got there in the end. The route twists and turns and eventually you are back on the main road the A22.
We stopped in the village of Killyleagh and restocked for tonights dinner and I bought more bananas too.
Then it watoday 1.5 mls to Delamont Park where the only camping and caravanning club site is , so we couldn’t miss it out. We had a great welcome and the site is very quiet.
So what with washing and making dinner, as well as chatting to others, the time flew past but we have had a walk in the park.
23 miles today



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