Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 31, 2014

Four countries tour – day 4

Thursday  29 May 2014

Another early start, as it hadn’t started raining and we like to get a relatively dry pack. The Powfoot site is excellent, well worth a visit.

We rode quietly along route 7, along the coast in case fine mizzle and were glad to have our water proofs on.  We saw numerous hares and a deer jumped a fence right in front of me! We past through Ruthwell with its savings bank museum, not open at that time and along to Bankend. Guess why its called that? Right , its the bottom end of a long steady bank , all the way up into Dumfries. It was 8.30 am when we arrived but about 10.00am when we finally got a couple of purchases and found the cycle route out of town. Its at the back of the railway station , called the Maxwell trail. Its is very pleasant alongside the river for a while until Cargenbridge when it starts to climb after turning off the A711.
We rode along very minor roads through Lockfoot where we 2nd breakfasted in a bus shelter as it was teeming with rain. It eased off in time for us to venture off again to Milton, where we turned right up to Crocketford crossing the A75 which we rode last year.
There’s a lovely ride on the relatively quiet A712 to New Galloway but you need to be aware that there are lots of climbs and logging wagons pass so be prepared to stop if necessary.
It was 2.00m when we arrived in New Galloway and the arts centre cafe had stopped serving food. We were about to get the kettle out when a chap told us of the Smithy a few doors down. While it wasn’t cheap, the service was excellent and the food good and we got warm and dried off a bit too.
Setting off again, more uphill, into the Galloway forest park and along to Clatteringshaws Loch and then its mostly downhill in to Newton Stewart.
We are staying at the Creebridge caravan park. Its rundown and midge invested but after 61 miles , I was ready to stop. We’ve had a nice meal cooked on the campstove (Optimus multifuel) and a walk by the river so I am ready to sleep.  goodnight


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