Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 31, 2014

Four countries tour day 2

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Started the day with mizzle , which by the time we got to Hebburn, it was really raining so we stopped and  I put on my vortex over trousers.
We were following NCN 14 on the south bank of the River Tyne and I can say its much hillier than on the North side. It was lovely to hear the clang of a large hammer,  I presumed of riveting. I remember that sound from childhood, when many ships were built on the Tyne.

When we got to Gateshead , we couldn’t go any further on that side and were diverted over the Millenium bridge.


You can see how wet it was but we were soon away from people as we followed NCN72.



By Wylam bridge , it had stopped raining, so we took off out wet gear as it was warming up. Then followed along to Prudhoe and over the bridge to Ovingham were we stopped  for  2nd breakfast in the churchyard.


It was only a brief stop and off again to Corbridge where I bought some medication to rub into my Achilles tendon , as its hurting a bit. I must say it did slow me down on uphill climbs.
Hexham was our next town and the route crosses the railway line a couple of times. There was some excitement, as a bull had escaped from the farmer’s mart and many people were trying to get it. One chap
Said it would have to be shot as it was so wild. A bit later we saw a police car hurtling along, so they must have got involved.
We didn’t go up to Warden, to avoid the climb and we saw many scarecrows.




The route then climbs steadily up towards the Roman settlement of Vindolanda, but we turned off a little before, swooping down into the valley and stopping for lunch about 3.00pm , sat on a bench at Bardon Mill.
From there, it was along to Haltwhistle and then the climb up Belister bank to get to the campsite. I have to say that DH has been very kind, coming back down hills to help me.
I had the tent up by 5.00pm and we’ve enjoyed our evening meal of curry and rice. Just about to make us hot chocolate and have a biscuit before bed
52 miles


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