Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 31, 2014

Four Counties tour – day 5

Newton Stewart to Cairnryan via Port William.

Another early start and it was Midge Hell packing up. My face is very blotchy at present – one of the joys of Scotland.
We followed NCN 73 from Newton Stewart by lovely undulating farmland, until a sharp kick up bank into Wigtown with what appears to have been an impressive town hall. Its now a visitor centre. It wasn’t open however but we did see signs for ” Homecoming Scotland”.
We continued on the 73 then cut across country climbing  at first but then a lovely descent through Mockrum and into Port William.
I had unfortunately missed a message and should have gone to Elrig. My friend S, put us right and a pleasant ride along the shore road was followed with a climb . Still S had made home made biscuits for us to enjoy, a real treat. Thank you. We also met H who makes beautiful sculptures from drift wood.


This was his first one.


Here is his latest owl. Isn’t it great.

After a pleasant morning, we sped down the hill and peddled along the coast road to Glen Luce and up to the Abbey before turning  for Dunragit. There’s a picnic area here and we stopped here for cheese toasties made on the stove..
The A75 is the main road to Stranraer and Cairnryan but a !of of it has cycle track along side it. The part through Castle Kennedy does not and the huge trucks going to the port can be a bit scary.
We turned onto the slightly quieter A751 for a mike or so before joining the A77. Again , the cycle tracks are not complete but doable.
We got to Stena Line terminal about 4pm and booked for the early crossing in the morning. We couldn’t find the campsite so I decided to try for the picnic site. I was warned off but felt brave enough to go to see the chap who might have given a problem and blagged my way on.
Here is a photo as the sun went down.


We did about 62 miles today.



  1. Beautiful sunset and I’m glad you enjoyed your trip through the Machars area of Dumfries & Galloway with a stop off here on the way. 🙂

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