Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 26, 2014

Our four countries tour.

Monday, 26th May 2014   Day 1

4.30am.  DH – its sunny outside. Are you awake yet?
Me – uuhh.
By  5.00am, I was out of bed. DH had made me a couple of  herbal tea and I made scrambled eggs and toast before setting off about 6.30  am’ish. We had discussed about using the Castle Eden  cycleway because of recent rain, but it was  reasonably dry without too much mud.


As you can see, it was a glorious morning and we were up at Hurworth burn, our usual 2nd breakfast stop, but didn’t need refreshment there. So pressing on to Shotton Colliery, we avoided the bad track of a couple of weeks ago and rode up through Haswell and on to South Hetton where we again picked up the track.
Stopping near Ryhope, we had our 2nd breakfast sat in glorious sunshine before continuing on through Sunderland and Seaburn.



The traffic was very congested with cars queuing up to get into car parks. We happily booled along the cycle track and I am pleased to say pedestrians mostly kept to the correct side.
On past Souter lighthouse and into South Shields where we went along the newly rebuilt promenade on what I knew as the north beach and the little beach. The area has been redeveloped and looked very continental in the sun.
Continuing onward , we went along the bottom road and I came across this sign.


I spent many happy hours messing about down here as a child. I was and suppose still am a bit tomboyish. Well that is ,if an over 60 can be tomboyish?
Continuing on NCN14, we rode up to Jarrow,our destination for the day. As it was still before 2.00pm , I took the opportunity to go to Bede World and would you believe,today it was free entry. DH looked after the bikes while I was lucky enough to join a party on a pilgrimage from Kent. There was a fascinating talk about the Codex bible, which is reputed to have been written by Bede and some other monks as a gift to the pope in Roman.  Apparently, it never got to him and was hijacked  but has remained in  a monestary ever since. The replica was sent from Italy and cost £50,000 to make and used 500 calf skins for the velum just as the original had.
After the visit, we rode up to my brother’s house and had a lovely evening going out for dinner at Taybarn, all you can eat buffet. Well we could , couldn’t we.
The forecast for tomorrow isn’t good , but we head off over the Pennines.
49 miles today


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