Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 18, 2014

It’s sunny!!!

Sorry , I have no photos for this blog post as my tablet that I use for photos is being repaired but I wanted to write up yesterday’s ride.

The weather has been glorious for the past couple of days and yesterday was no exception. After DH’s birthday ride, he didn’t want to do anything to strenuous so suggested a ride to Darlingtcuppaell, I wasn’t going to say no, as one of my favourite fabric shops is there.
We wanted to make it a day’s ride , so went down through Albert Park and along the river.  We hadn’t realised the Tees regatta was underway so after crossing a crowded Infinity bridge , headed through Stockton and along NCN 14 to Darlington. There are lots of building works going on in both Stockton and Darlington, so some of the route had to be walked.
Once in Darlington town centre, I headed for Pauline Hope fabric stall in the indoor market while DH looked after the cycles.  I got some lovely fabric and have made a simple dress to take on our long cycle tour.
On the way back , we stopped at Middleton One Row, where we sat overlooking the river valley. The river is completely obscured by the fully leafed trees but it was so good to sit there in the sun, bared armed. We don’t do that too often , here in the North East. I thought I’d brought two packets of cuppa soup but hadn’t. Duhh. Just one, so DH was kind and let me have it. I wanted to use our new mini stove and it worked a treat.
We turned left out of the village, so that we avoided any hill climbs. We don’t want any knee problems before our departure in about 10 days time. I hope my tablet is back, fully functioning by then
On our return home , we rode twice around Albert park to get our mileage up to 45 miles but in fact, it was 46 miles by the time we got home. All good training for our summer tour. Really looking forward to it.



  1. Hi,Brenda and Joe.Hope you are both well and are looking forward to a great Summer tour on your bikes.Wishing you sunshine all the way.Enjoy!!

  2. Thanks Tina. We are off on Monday so will blog as often as possible. Enjoy out tour vicariously

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