Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 5, 2014

Wild flower meadow and the Gare

We called at our local Aldi, but nearly all the cycling stuff we wanted had sold yesterday, when it came into the store. Did get a cycle computer for DH though and then it was off on our usually route up through Marske to Saltburn. We wanted to see how the wild flower meadow was doing,now that spring has arrived.
We weren’t disappointed and there is a lot of greenery and some flowers are just starting to show. Don’t ask me what they are. I don’t know but its good to see, its not all dock like last year.


I know these are bluebells




We sat in the community gardens and ate our breakfast, cereal and yogurt, before meeting K for the ride down to the meeting of the East Cleveland Riders. At least , that’s what I think the name of the group is.



It was an easy ride along the prom from Marske by the Sea , on into Redcar and then along to the Gare.


Pip told us some of the history of the place which was built from slag from the iron works and was also the site of WW11 gun emplacements and other things to do with warfare.


Then it was back along past the steel works that were reopened  last year.
We stopped at TunedIn and we had hot chocolate and a slice of date and walnut cake. The service was very slow  as they were short staffed and the one lad serving, was struggling to cope.
We followed Pip up Green Lane and back to the Ship Inn, before we all went off in different directions. We called at Aldi in Redcar and managed to get the items we wanted.
I am pleased to say , that since Friday, I got in 100 miles. Woohoo! Good training for the summer trip


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