Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 4, 2014

An overnight camping trip

After DH’s Koga was stolen, he used his mountain bike to do the Easter trip. The insurance company have agreed to pay most of the money to replace it. On the strength of that, we went to see Big Dave , at Cycle sense in Tadcaster, and he very generously gave us a discount so we weren’t too much out of pocket. So  with a new Koga Randonnuer, we wanted to try out , our new set up.


Here are both of them. DH’s now has upgraded gearing system , with a range of 11-34 teeth on his rear cogs. Mine only goes to 32. The front chain rings are the same as mine. The Busch and Muller lighting system is also upgraded too. Very nice.
He also got a new handle bar bag, an Altura dryline and new Crosso rear panniers which have greater capacity than the Ortlieb that he did have.
So, we didn’t want to go too far and I looked in the Camping and Caravanning Big Sites book, and found a little farm site about a mile off the NCN1 at Haswell. This is a route we know well but haven’t been up this far since last year.
With the bad weather of the past couple of winters parts of the track have deteriorated and between Shotton and Haswell, there is a load of fly tipping and it is wet and muddy.
We came off the track near Haswell, not the official bit, that was slightly further on but cycled up to the heart of this old mining village. I had used Google maps , so I was able to identify the road to take up to Colliery Farm, High Haswell. High should have meant something. There’s a bit of a climb, but the views are really good and there is a telephone mast and wind turbines.  Neither disturbed us.



It was 22 miles from home. Our son needed taking to put on a bus to go off with his Autism group , so it was about 11am before we could set off.  It was a beautiful day and we were up there after a leisurely ride by about 3pm and pitched up by 3.30pm.


This is our messy camp while I was preparing our evening meal.


And here is me being silly with my folding spatula in hand. This is DH  checking that the bed was comfortable.


I will do an evaluation on our table and chairs later .  Yes, we need them for comfort now we are well over 60!!
Here is the sun setting in the west.


It was a cold night, but forewarned is forearmed, and the met office forecast was spot on. We took our sleeping bags and quilt, which along with the Exped down mats, kept us snuggly warm.



You can see just how much frost there was in the early morning but as the sun came up, it soon disappeared but the tent was still damp as we packed it away.
So just after 9am we were on our way home. We decided to ride the road down to Shotton and then pick up the trail again. We decided to go down through Hartlepool  and stopped at Seaton Carew for 2 nd breakfast.
It was very sunny but there was a cold wind , but sheltered it was lovely to sit and enjoy the sun.
Then we rode along to Saltholme bird sanctuary and enjoyed a treat, a Magnum double caramel , lolly. Oooh! Naughty!


There are some fun signs, I’ve never noticed before. Have a close look at this one.
Home just after 2pm, we had time to unpack and dry out the tent and the tarp. Then , I had to go and buy another pocket gas stove, as my 15 year old Coleman stove, gave up folding and after DH had tried to sort it, it gave up the ghost!! RIP little stove, you gave good service.
55 miles for the couple of days.


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