Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 16, 2014

Beating the train.

Today , my son took his bike on the train to Newcastle upon Tyne to attend an outdoor first aid course run by Sustrans. After it was over at 5.00pm , he cycled down to Heworth to get the train home after cycling down the Keelman Way. The train conductor refused him access to the train as it was 5.30pm and busy. DS asked if he beat the train to Sunderland could he get on there. The conductor agreed, not thinking my 20st son would be able to do it.
So , off he went along route 14, as fast as his legs would go, and as luck would have it, the train was delayed. So there he was, standing on the platform, sweat pouring off him. The train conductor opened the door and said ” Get on.”
Good for you son.



  1. LOVE this!

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