Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 7, 2014

Disaster, but we keep calm and carry on.

Last Sunday, DH had his Koga Randonneur stolen by 3 hooded youths who climbed over 7 feet locked gates and manhandled 2 bicycles from under the window , he and his friend were sitting in and over the gates. 2 young girls had gone to tell there father, but by the time he came, they had got off with them. They just do not know the distress, they have caused. The insurance assessor has been but we are not sure what will happen. This may well affect our plans for our summer holiday.

Now on to this weekend. I had to be in Lincoln on Sunday for a work related meeting to keep updated on current  medical education so suggested a weekend away. I phoned and booked a Band B at the Bardney Heritage centre a couple of weeks ago and  sent them a cheque to secure the booking. With the upset of the bike thefts , we may not have done but for that. Early on Saturday morning, we put the mountain bikes into the back of our car drove down to Bardney on the edge  of Lincolnshires fenland.


We had a local route map but did a bit of an extension to it.
We started off by using the winter NCN1 route. I have to say that the summer route has been surfaced using reclaimed road surface that has a lot of glass in it. I remarked on this last year and cannot believe anyone would think of using this on a cycle way ,never mind  people walking dogs. What were they thinking Sustrans?
Anyway, down at Southrey  we were on the river and although it was over cast it wasn’t cold and we cycled along to Stixwold where we came off the river and headed along to Woodhall Spa. We stopped to have lunch in a sheltered spot before heading back to the river.
We past the Dam Busters memorial and another to those killed in the service of freedom of our country.



On the way back along the river I said to DH, there are the sheep that DS1 and I saw last year. He thought they were real.


Actually, they are made of scrap iron but look so real especially the way they are sited across the path.  We also saw 2 chaps walking along litter picking and they were Sustrans rangers too.


Once back at Stixwold, we came off the river again and headed north east towards Minting. The wind was increasing in strength and the sun disappeared so it became much cooler so we headed back to Bardney just short of 29 miles.

The Bardney Heritage centre suits us fine, sleeping in a converted railway truck. We were in Stixwold and here is DH relaxing on the bed.


Barry the owner  made our breakfast on Sunday morning and they are very accommodating, making what we wanted. A lovely weekend and we will go back, as there is a lot more to discover.


  1. Oh I hope they catch those rotten thieves!

  2. Me too Julie. There aren’t many Kogas about so there is a little hope.

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