Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 29, 2014

Wild flower workday

We had an early start leaving home just before 8.00am and as Allyson got a puncture and got up late she decided not to go. So we were in Saltburn by 9.15am and were  the first ones there, but it wasn’t surprising as the meeting time was 10.00am. DH was pulling the trailer and he used an old water tank to take a bigger load of tools and wellies.


How’s that for recycling. The white tray was picked up from a back alley and the trailer itself is about 37 years old.
The site has been  cleared of most of the toxic rubbish but we needed to go to pick it over again. There was broken glass all over the place. Ggggrrrrrr!


Here’s me starting to pick up the glass.
There was a lot still to pick out when the others arrived and DH had started raking it to make it easier to get it up.


It looked so much better when we finished. We’d been given some bluebell bulb things so planted them around the base of the tree.


Here is the crew standing shoulder to shoulder.


Many thanks to Sustrans for treating us at the coffee shop at the end of the tiering morning.
There had been a  family morning ride in Redcar supported by Sustrans.


It’s great to see so many children and parents. It was very cold and damp with an easterly wind blowing off the sea along the coast. On the ride home we met Alison who had been on this ride and cycled back to Normanby with her. Another lovely worthwhile day with 28 miles cycled.


  1. Great work by an obviously very enthusiastic group…..

    • Thanks Trevor. We’ve really enjoyed working on this project and have made new friends and cycling companions

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