Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 29, 2014

My latest quilt.

Here is my latest quilt. It was started after Christmas and is a scrap quilt. It is for me this time and is king size. Taking photos on the tablet doesn’t show the colours as well as they iPhone. I took it over to church tonight and had it held up so I could get a better photo.


It makes me happy to see it finished. Now I need to make another using the black and white circles I cut out to piece in the coloured circles.



  1. Hi,Brenda.Hope you and Joe are well and you’re enjoying the mild weather on your bikes.
    Your quilt is a real work of art and a labour of love.Brilliant!

    • Thanks Tina. Lookout for today’s ride in Lincolnshire

  2. This is gorgeous Brenda, great work!

  3. I love how you used the black&white prints for the negative space.

    • thanks Zarina- I was checking out your tutorial on cleaning the 6500 . you do it the same as me. Love your bookmark things

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