Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 23, 2014

Doing something again.

Managed to get on some early morning cycle rides this week but only 14 or 15 miles and unfortunately, not every day but its better than not going out cycling at all.
The forecast for Saturday wasn’t the best but we had promised to help with the clean up over Stockton/Thornaby way. AndyE called for us just after 9.00 and the 4 of us rode across to the House field lane area together. DH pulled the trailer with some tools so we could get started if we were early.
When we arrived, the place didn’t look too bad. Appearances can be deceptive. We knew that the area had been fly tipped at one time but nature was taking over and growing through and over it all. Still our little group of  9 set too and in 3 hours we collected over 30 sacks of rubbish, numerous bits of old truck and house guttering. Unfortunately, we also found dumped asbestos and so had to leave that alone. The council will be contacted on Monday so that it can be safely removed.


Here is the pile of sacks awaiting collection . We are making a difference, albeit, small but if everyone took a bit more care, it could be a huge difference. Recycle plastic bags, bottles, cans and cartons please. Don’t dump rubbish.


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