Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 15, 2014

Can’t do everything but you can do something

March will be a month when we do a lot of voluntary clean up of cycle routes in our area and today  was the first one.
As this was in the Marsh Road area of Middlesbrough, our merry band met near the railway station before riding or walking to the cleanup site. Carol and  Yvonne used the train to get in and Chris braved a strong nor’wester to cycle in from Saltburn. We didn’t have as many as last time but still enough to make a difference.
We went along to January’s pick up site and although it wasn’t as bad it had still had stuff dumped and litter. Why does anyone throw  away half filled  4 pint milk cartons? There were lots of those to empty and bag up. Again, we had a 2 hour window of time to get it picked up so we set too with a will picking and bagging.




Here is one of the piles we collected.


There were 3 lots altogether amounting to 65 sacks of rubbish, numerous bits of old cars and tyres and lumps of  wood. We did what we could in the time and it looked better when we left but there is still more to do.


Here is the council wagon driving away with mornings haul.


And here is the merry band. Well done my friends, every little helps. See you in Stockton next week


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