Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 18, 2014

Spring is coming

Well, we had a sunny morning so decided to make the most of it and last night decided we would head north of the Tees. We agreed to ride together for part of the way and then DH would go off on his own as I had work to return for.
So , 9.00am saw us leaving the house to brave crossing the road works on Newport road and across the river. We rode along and through the nature reserve at Saltholme on the way shown to us by Blue Bell riders.
Then we hit the main road, the A178 and it wasn’t too bad but there were quite a few lorries. A couple of weeks ago it was closed and there are restrictions on it still but nothing too daunting.
Seaton Carew has some repairs to the foreshore being made but we were still able to ride along the prom next to the sea. Its half term holiday, so there seemed to be lots of grandparents with children and dogs. Once along into Hartlepool , DH and I parted company, him to ride route 14 Hart to Haswell and me to go to Bobby’s woolshop
I needed a new circular needle in a particular size. I didn’t want to leave the bike outside so Bobby came to the door and served me. That’s what I call service. Its a wonderful Aladdin’s cave of all things haberdashery.
Then I needed to head for home so climbed the hill to get onto Catcote road and through the estate and over the main road into Greatham. I decided to go right into the village and look at the local church.



It was here I noticed definite signs of spring. Daffodils budding.


And over the wall a crowd of snowdrops.


I had a quick bite of DH’s homemade ginger cake before heading off across the field path. I was suprised to see horses so near the river as we had to call the rescue services last year when one got stuck in the water.
Back in Billingham, the route crosses a football pitch and it is like a quagmire. I got off and walked as the wheels would have sunk into the grass. Then it was the final 5 miles home.
The sun was warm on my face, but the wind was increasing and I could see  cloud building. I am greatful to be alive.
I completed 28 miles and DH’s ride was 50 miles. He was home about an hour after me.


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